Ottoman Empire Belly Dance

Ottoman Empire Belly Dance is a programme I have developed for the NBAF.


Immerse yourself in the seductive and passionate world that is Turkish Oryantal Dance.

I have selected a variety of my favourite Turkish Belly Dance moves and techniques to create Ottoman Empire Belly Dance that celebrates the Ottoman Dynasty.  This dance was very popular in the courts and palaces of the Empire and was danced by both men and women.

The spender and lavishness of the palace interiors encouraged exquisite and passionate belly dance performances and dances throughout the empire.nbaf-2017-mentor-ozgen

We cover a very rare and exciting workshop on the Turkish Samai rhythm. Learn how to dance to the traditional Turkish 10/8 rhythm called "Semai"



The rhythm is "other-worldly", yet powerful and earthy.  It is an asymmetrical rhythm and therefore a challenge to our western ear.

Join me as I break it down for you and explore this balletic style with intricate footwork and graceful arm gestures.  We will be using tambourines and learning how to really use  gypsy skirts


Having been on many stages and TV shows I will be specialising in authentic Turkish Oriental and Romany(Gypsy).

I will teach you the passionate spirit of Turkish belly dance along with its sensual and empowering energy.

I travel far and wide and often find inspiration from the other cultures I have visited. I will use this to teach you how to tell a story when you dance, through your moves, expressions and gestures.

I will teach you the art that is the heart of Ottoman Empire Belly Dance as you learn a fantastic and exciting choreography to perform in the BIG NBAF show!!!

    Everyone who signs up will also have the option to log into the video section here on this website to watch video clips of important moves, break downs and choreography.  You will also have the option of being added to Facebook and WhatsApp groups to catch up and share with other dancers taking part

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    Deposits are non refundable, you will receive an email confirming your booking and the date the balance will be due. By signing up to these workshops and event you agree that NBAF and its instructors are not responsible and accept no responsibility for any injuries or accidents sustained during, prior or after these workshops or event and participants are responsible for themselves. Please always consult your doctor before taking part in any physical activities or exercises.