Fantasia Stage Oryantal Belly Dance

Fantasy Stage Oryantal is a programme I have developed for the NBAF.

Fantasia Stage Oryantal is a beautiful combination of classical belly dance technique mixed with other dance styles such as Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary to create a unique and expressive genre ideal for stage performances and persona/character development.


Beginning my dance journey on a stage at the age of 4, dancing for many years in a professional production while also studying rhythm gymnastics and winning Belly Dance Trophies 2011 and 2012, learning Fantasy Stage Oryantal with me will develop your technique both as a dancer and belly dancer, widening and broadening your dance knowledge, technique and repertoire from a competition winner and a very experienced stage performer.


We will cover a firm base and combination of dance technique and belly dance technique, making you a stronger dancer with cleaner movements and body lines. I will use my extensive experience in the dance world to give you super advice and tips on the subtle but very important things that make a good dancer an amazing dancer.nbaf-2017-mentor-maelle


As part of my Fantasia Stage Oryantal style we will cover the art of fan veils, fan veil technique, how to use them to enhance your performance - not to use merely as a "prop" but as an extension of your arms and as a seamless addition to your performance.



We will explore the tantalising art of floor work - inspired by Turkish and Contemporary styles adding another dimension to your dancing and dance repertoire.


Develop your improvisational skills through an assisted, structured and supportive improvisational session helping you to let go, release and be free.
Let's make improvising fun!


Over the course we will develop our performance skills - bringing the audience into your world when you perform. I will work with you on how to express feelings through movements and how to translate these emotions to your dance, how to connect to yourself, your music and your audience.


  • Everyone who signs up will also have the option to log into the video section here on this website to watch video clips of important moves, break downs and choreography.  You will also have the option of being added to Facebook and WhatsApp groups to catch up and share with other dancers taking part


    Disclaimer *
    Deposits are non refundable, you will receive an email confirming your booking and the date the balance will be due. By signing up to these workshops and event you agree that NBAF and its instructors are not responsible and accept no responsibility for any injuries or accidents sustained during, prior or after these workshops or event and participants are responsible for themselves. Please always consult your doctor before taking part in any physical activities or exercises.