Impressive belly dance belly rolls tutorial

Impressive belly dance belly rolls tutorialmelbelrolls

Let's talk belly rolls......
So as a belly dancer belly rolls are a must if you want to add impressive moves to your belly dancing right?
I say this because when speaking with non belly dancers one of the 1st thing that seems to come to their minds when they think of belly dancers is belly rolls.
I often hear this .... "Oh so you're a belly dancer. So show me a belly roll...."
Although Belly rolls are not the be all and end all of being a belly dancer, it is pretty cool if you have a decent belly roll up your sleeve.

Learn to belly roll:

Some people are lucky - they are born belly rolling and others have to learn to master their abdominal muscles first using tutorials and practice - most people from my experience are the latter!

Learning to belly roll takes time and super muscle control!
You need to be able to isolate your upper abs, middles abs, lower abs separately at "will" and learn the art of the all important "release" in between which gives you the ooey-gooey belly roll effect.
Its all about contraction and relaxation - contracting one part of your belly whilst relaxing another part. Its also important to have a relaxed tummy - trying to belly roll whilst "gripping" in the abs is going against the grain and makes the roll harder to achieve and less impressive.
Even more ridiculous super muscle control is the "coin trick" rolling coins up and down your belly.

So I've put together a little tutorial about belly rolls - but remember this is a move that takes patience and practice - but once you have it it's soon worth it!


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