Hilde Cannoodt



During these 4 workshops we will delve into the art of tribal fusion belly dance. With its roots in ATS® and American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion Belly dance is a hybrid dance style originated from San Francisco. Eclectically combining elements of street dance, flamenco and contemporary dance, Tribal Fusion is a constantly evolving art form.

Using body isolations to express the music, the embodiment of the musical layers is key in this art form: from percussive to melodic. Contrasting dynamic movement from liquid undulations to sharp hip drops are characteristic to this unique style of dance.

Learning about its context and history, we will discover the aesthetics of this dance form by focusing on where the style originated from to where it is today. Technical focus will be on the breakdown of basic body isolations, followed by techniques on how to work on isolation combos or scales, we will also focus on travelling sequences to eventually work on putting it all together in longer choreographed phrases. We will touch on improvisation, which is considered a major aspect of this dance style and we will work on an original choreography that students will get to perform in the National Belly Dance Academy Festival in October 2016.

Students will be receiving individual attention throughout the 4 workshops on their technique, performance skills, improvisation skills and will receive feedback on their development throughout the workshops.  I will work together to find your hidden x factor that makes dancers stand out and find their own spot light whether in a group choreography or solo performance.

I very much look forward to work and dance with you all!

  • To pay by instalments pay the £255 deposit and then 1 further payment of £265 in April 2016

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Everyone who signs up will also have the option to log into the video section here on this website to watch video clips of important moves, break downs and choreography.  You will also have the option of being added to Facebook and WhatsApp groups to catch up and share with other dancers taking part