Anna Kemper

I am a very passionate belly dance teacher and performer.  I began teaching belly dance in 1997 and over the years I have instructed thousands of women from New York to Mumbai.  anna_k

I travel regularly throughout Egypt, the Middle East and the US to continue my training, personal growth and development.  I have travelled throughout the world studying with master teachers in different styles of belly dance, absorbing languages, histories and contexts for various branches of this diverse global dance form.
"Belly dance is an all-encompassing genre that includes specific styles of dance from all over the world. The common thread linking these styles is the muscular isolation involved, mainly in the hips and rib cage. All of these styles, when performed with strong technique and feeling, are captivating"  
I will be covering the Salimpour Format in these workshops.  Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour have had a huge impact on the belly dance world and Jamila was the first person to codify bellydance for teaching, her vocabulary and format are the foundation of many bellydance teachers today.
The Jamila format is where dancers really improve their improvisation skills. Learn Jamila techniques and combinations.
I will mentor you and teach you how to put all of this together into one choreography which you will perform at the BIG NBAF show!!
  • To pay by instalments pay the £255 deposit and then 1 further payment of £265 in April 2016

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Everyone who signs up will also have the option to log into the video section here on this website to watch video clips of important moves, break downs and choreography.  You will also have the option of being added to Facebook and WhatsApp groups to catch up and share with other dancers taking part