• The Belly Dance Academy Festival was created to not only connect leaders in belly dance with belly dancers who want to reach their full dancing potential but also to put those skills and countless hours of training towards something really magical in an epic theatre show that celebrates what it means to be a full blown belly dancing superstar!


  • By providing a specifically tailored programme of workshops taught by a hand picked variety of elite belly dancers who are experts not only in their chosen fields, have a wide knowledge and understanding of the various elements of belly dance and belly dance fusions but are all master performers in their own right.


  • One of the greatest things about our mentor program is you dont have to choose or decide which mentor you will train with and learn from because when you sign up you will work along side all of the mentors during the coming months leading up to the big show


  • You will get the chance to learn and train alongside the best, you will gain the knowledge and experience from the so diversley different belly dance mentors, take advantage of their wealth of expertise adding this to your own repertoire, gain a greater inner understanding of yourself as a dancer and through positive individual feedback and personally tailored challenges, become a more confident more accomplished performer


  • NBAF is like a very interactive Dance University for belly dancers receiving your certificate diploma upon completion and graduating with a spectacular show.  You will have the option to be added to the Facebook and WhatsApp groups to catch up and share with the other dancers


  • We believe if you enjoy belly dancing and want to take all your existing training and experience to the next level, The Belly Dance Academy Festival is the perfect place for you!


Disclaimer *
Deposits are non refundable, you will receive an email confirming your booking and the date the balance will be due. By signing up to these workshops and event you agree that NBAF and its instructors are not responsible and accept no responsibility for any injuries or accidents sustained during, prior or after these workshops or event and participants are responsible for themselves. Please always consult your doctor before taking part in any physical activities or exercises.